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Coenagrion ecornutum

(Selys, 1872)
Coenagrion ecornutum
Ischnura ecornutum, mating. Vladivostok, Russia. 2017.
Photo: Oleg KosterinCreative Commons CCCreative Commons BY


A mainly asian species of the Coenagrion genus. It was formerly only know from Altai to Kamtjatka but since 1996 a population in southern Ural has been discovered.



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Distribution map. Data from gbif.org

First European record of this species was recorded in 1996 in southern Ural. It is unknown if this is a new spread of its range or if the species has had a persistent presence, although overlooked previously.


Found mainly in standing waters but it also occurs in flowing waters and their stagnant backwaters, like oxbow ponds and lakes. In its main range in Russia, it is found in small bodies of standing water in rivers floodplains, small bogs and lakes.


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