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Cowley, 1934

Paragomphus is a genus of dragonfly in the family Gomphidae. They are commonly known as Hooktails.


These are rather small gomphids. The males have broad flaps on S8-9 and diagnostic appendages. The upper appendages are long, parallel and bent downwards, like hooks. The lower appendages are at most half of the uppers length. Paragomphus has no anal loop in the hindwing: there is a straight perpendicular vein running directly to the wing's hind margin from the last thick lengthwise vein in the wing base.

Separation from other genera

Lindenia tetraphylla is the only other species with broad flaps, but these are on S7-8 and the species is larger, about 70-80mm long. Small and pale Onychogomphus species differ in details of markings and their males lack broad flaps and have different appendages.

Separation of the species

Numerous species occur in tropical Africa and Asia, but only two reach the Mediterranean. These differ in coloration.


Often perches with abdomen raised in obelisk position.


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Distribution map. Data from gbif.org


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