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Charpentier, 1840

Enallagma is a genus of damselflies in the family Coenagrionidae commonly known as bluets.


Enallagma males are typically being blue, distinctively marked with black. Females are usually brown or blue, with torpedo-like markings on S3-7. They have a small but prominent vulvar spine at the base of the ovipositor.

Separation from other genera

The blue-and-black pattern of males recalls most Coenagrion species and also Erythromma lindenii. Only Ischnura females share the vulvar spine, although it is weaker on them. Brown females may be confused with Sympecma, which has similar markings on S3-6. However they differ in having long pterostigma and different markings and venation.


Males prefer open water, where they fly and perch on floating plants close to the water surface. Otherwise recalls other Coenagrion species in behaviour.


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Distribution map. Data from gbif.org


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