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Selys, 1876

Ceriagrion is a genus of damselfly in the family Coenagrionidae. Species of Ceriagrion are small to medium size, generally brightly coloured damselflies. They are found across the Old World, Africa, Asia and Australia.


Ceriagrion are the only damselflies with a combination of reddish legs and pterostigma, no postocular spots and, usually, a reddish abdomen. Females sometimes have a completely black abdomen. Antehumeral stripes are yellow, thin or even absent. A diagnostic sharp ridge transverses the face in front of the antennae.

Separation from other genera

Other damselflies with red colouration with or without postocular spots have black on the legs. This includes the Pyrrhosoma species, which are more robust, have black pterostigmas and different markings on thorax and abdomen. Black Ceriagrion females are most likely to be confused with other small damselflies. However they never have black-marked legs.


Ceriagrion are weak fliers and stay low in the vegetation. Most often in close proximity to the water's edge. Males interact aggressively, but do not have clear territories. Males and females oviposit in tandem.


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Distribution map. Data from gbif.org


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