Dragonfly Guide


Needham ,1903

The family Macromiidae contains the dragonfly species known as cruisers or skimmers. They tend to fly over bodies of water and roads, straight down the middle. They are similar to Aeshnidae in size, but the eyes are green and just barely meet at the top of the head.

Macromiidae, or Macromiinae, has been traditionally considered as a subfamily of Corduliidae (Kirby, 1890). It contains four genera and 125 species worldwide.

Females of this family lack an ovipositor at the end of the abdomen and lay their eggs by dipping the abdomen in the water as they fly over. Ovipositing is usually done without a male.

Larvae are found in rivers, streams, and lakes where there is water movement. They crawl in debris at the water's bottom and wait for prey.


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